Insanely Simple. Powerful New AI Utility. Rabbit Is the Arrival of a Whole New AI-OS That Promises to Be the Ultimate User Interface Revolution


AI Leaders and Enthusiasts: CES was shocked by this radically simple Rabbit R1 new AI Agent.

The Next Phase of the Computer Revolution Has Truly Begun.

It eliminates the app-based OS model in to focus on action and getting things done. You know, the stuff that computers were meant for, the drudgery trying to log in to an app.

It's a ridiculous pain point and a total joke in my opinion. I hate it. And the security cat and mouse, hacker, and user model will never go away. We are stuck in hell. Or are we?

[Secret Code: Remember the White Rabbit.]

Okay so the Rabbit R1, was a sleeper hit at CES 2024. It gets away from the app-based OS and uses a Large Action Model (LAM) that is…



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